Our Approach

You could also call this our philosophy or our vision. We believe in keeping it simple. In a cut throat global economy, complications are distractions. Distractions are losses. Losses are not good.

Simple. Keep it simple. Less chance to get distracted. Trust us.


Meet the Team

This is who you're doing business with. You can trust us: we're professionals.

Patrick Brenner

Partner and IT Director

A millennial generation member, Patrick brings youthful enthusiasm and industry experience to the EDJ team.

Lisa Brenner

Creative Director and CFO

Lisa brings a huge variety of experience to the EDJ team. With critical knowledge of direct marketing, Lisa ensures the EDJ team stays on target with our client campaigns.

Stefan Brenner

Market Analyst

Stefan joined the family business as an analyst. Along with his team, he conducts the industry-specific research that keeps our clients modern yet relatable.

Natalie Meier

Creative Associate

Natalie provides the creative drive behind our most successful campaigns. Without her, we'd be no different than Griffin and Associates.


...we would like to invite you to do the same. Keep the attention of your audience. Call us.